Thursday, September 27, 2018

Missing quilt found!

I guess if you give it enough time, a conundrum will get resolved.

I wrote a previous blog about quilts lost and found and misplaced.  The person that I thought I'd given Double "D" Light to was certain that she did not have the quilt.  I had a thank you note from her in the file for this quilt.  But she didn't specifically say that this was the quilt she got, so there was some doubt.

I asked friends for advice on how to proceed, and they suggested that I send out an email to most of the people that had my quilts.  They all came back and said they didn't have that quilt.  Then, one of those people went to visit the person that I thought had the quilt, and they came back and assured me again that the quilt was not at that house.  And that the style and colors of the quilt would not even appeal to her, so it was not likely that she would have picked that one for her collection.

But, a few weeks after that visit,  I got an email from the person that I thought had the quilt, and guess what.  She did have it!  It was tucked away in a box in a cupboard.  She sent it to me right away and was very apologetic.  So yippee!  The missing quilt was located.

Okay, now I have to tell you it a little back story so that you have a better impression this person.  A few years ago, she discovered that she had a brain tumor.  She waited until 2 of her children had their weddings before she had the surgery.  It was a benign tumor, but had grown larger over time.  So when it was removed, it left space where the rest of her brain sprung back into the space.   I haven't seen her at all since then but my friends report that she has more or less recovered.  So lapses in memory of a quilt that she got over 10 years ago can surely be explained.

I'm now amused about the missing quilt that was finally found.   I hope she is too.  And I can't wait for the show to be over so that I can return the quilt to her.

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