Monday, January 11, 2016

Two Colored Binding

I recently wrote a blog about "Summer Breeze", one of my nest art quilts.  For that quilt, I used a two colored binding and so I'm showing you how that was made. The top of the quilt is blue, the bottom is green, so what do you do with the sides on a quilt  like this?

Two different colors of binding on top and bottom

My solution was to piece the binding on the sides with both colors.  I measured the length that I wanted to be green, and added 2" to this measurement.  This was pieced on the diagonal with the blue binding fabric, as shown in the picture below.  The two sides were pieced opposite of each other to keep the diagonal slanting down towards the quilt.  This little quilt didn't have continuous binding since I wanted to position the color transition in the right spot.  I extended the green binding 1" from the corner spot where I started sewing.

Then I sewed the corner seams.  I marked the corner seams first with a chalk marker.  It's a little triangle that I later matched up with the other side to get that perfect corner seam.

Marked with chalk

Pinned in place

Sewn and trimmed seam

One of my favorite tools is That Purple Thang.  It's got a not-too-sharp point and a square end that are perfect for pushing out those corners.

Turned corner with That Purple Thang
And here one more time is the completed quilt, "Summer Breeze", showing the two colored binding.

I hope you like it still and can use this technique on one of your quilts!

Summer Breeze two colored binding

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  1. Joanne, really interesting way to add your binding. The green at the bottom allows one's eye to just continue floating around your piece. What a great choice!--Terry