Monday, June 17, 2024

Tradition Made Modern - part Two

This is a continuation of a previous post about the making of the challenge quilt for Mod Squad, which is a modernized version of the New York Beauty block.

I foundation pieced the inner arcs, using my freezer paper pattern as the foundation.  It makes things so much simpler for me to precut the shapes with a template piece that is 3/8" larger than the finished size.  You can see that the background wedge is larger than the colored wedges.  Here are the precuts from my hand dyed fabrics:

And the precuts from the background gray and white fabric (Smol Tweed in Dove) designed by Kimberly Kight of Ruby Star Society:

Here are two of the arcs pieced and placed back in place on the design wall.  I will keep using the freezer paper pattern to piece and cut the rest of the circular pieces.

I had a great idea for the background.  It's an ombre fabric from Moda called "Lipstick Cowgirl" designed by Shari Jenkins, and it fades from turquoise to gray.  I bought a little bit of this at  Sharon's Attic a month or so ago, but I needed 4 more yards.  So, I called the store and they had just 4 yards left on the bolt.  What luck!  Now it's on its way to me and I'll be able to use the background that will be just the ticket for this quilt.

I hope you like it so far!

Monday, June 10, 2024

Duckworth Charity quilt - Final

This is a continuation about the making of the Duckworth charity quilt as part of the Mod Squad challenge.  I kept making improv log cabins until I had about 60, then I tossed them up on the design wall.  It's bright!  

I thought that I would try to insert a solid (ish) block here and there to give some rest for the eyes.  I liked that idea, and ran with it.  Here's the completed top.  It's 48" x 60".  

I hope you like bright quilts!

Saturday, June 8, 2024

Graduation quilt presentation

Our 3rd grandchild graduated from high school on June 7th.   It was actually a fun graduation ceremony, complete in about 2 hours with over 500 seniors!  It was a fine summer evening and so special to be there.  

Her party was held a week later and that is when she was presented with her high school graduation quilt.  Oh, to be that age again with all your hopes and dreams ahead of you.

I hope you get to celebrate milestones with your family too.

Monday, June 3, 2024

Mod Squad 2024 Challenge - "Traditional made Modern" - Part One

This is a follow up to the post about the Mod Squad 2024 Challenge.  I posted 15 pictures of quilts that were in this category at QuiltCon in Raleigh in 2024.

I decided to work with  a large improv curved pieced New York Beauty.  I've made the pattern many times before and thought that I would make this as one as a huge block.  Here is a sketch of my idea:

I pulled out some fabrics in the hot pink to maroon to purple colorway, along with some black, gray and white, and a couple of shades of turquoise.  I don't know if this is what I'll end up with, though.    I printed the sketch a few times and colored them in.  Here are the colors that I decided to use.

I will probably start on making the foundation pieced arcs first.  I've drawn them on the paper pattern and I'm pretty sure I'll use the colors from the sketch.

So, stay tuned for how that section turns out.


Monday, May 27, 2024

Little Hearts for "I Found a Quilted Heat"

One of the ladies at our quilt retreat showed us how to make little hearts with hand work on them.  The idea is to leave them in public places for someone else to find.  "I Found a Quilted Heart" is an idea very similar to the painted rocks that people leave around.  I decided to make a few; its nice to have a little bit of handwork while watching TV at night.  Here are three that I made recently:

I plan to make some more and leave them here and there for other people to find!

Monday, May 20, 2024

Mod Squad Charity Challenge - Duckworth Quilt and CCQ Spring Retreat

The Mod Squad decided to do a charity challenge using scraps in our favorite color and using the "Duckworth" idea.  Basically, it is a scrappy log cabin block over and over and then sewn together into a top.  The top is supposed to be 46" W x 60" H.  Using 6" blocks, that means I need to make 80 of them!  I got a start at the spring quilt retreat with 30 of them.  Here's a few of them:

I walked around the lake a couple of times every day and enjoyed the spring green colors and all of the wildflower blossoms.  

I hope you enjoy seeing them too.

Monday, May 13, 2024

Garden Lady #7 - Part 6 - FINAL

This is a continuation of 5 previous posts about the making of Garden Lady #7.

On some of my other art quilts, I made the decision to quilt the background before applying the flowers, but this time I decided to machine applique the flowers and it is easier to do this when you're only dealing with the top, and not all of the batting and backing.  So, the quilting was done when all of the pieces were done being appliqued.

I used several colors of thread and changed the direction of the quilting to make it look more like foreground and sky.  Of course, I had to add a few birds like I did on other quilts.  And, after it was quilted, I added a few hot fix crystals.

It is 39" W x 51" H.  I decided to call it "Picking Daisies".

I hope you like it!

Monday, May 6, 2024

Mod Squad Challenge for 2024

The Mod Squad group has picked their 2024 challenge, and of course I am going to participate.  I truly believe that challenges are the way to innovate and move your quilts to the next level.   It is "Traditional made Modern".  The idea is to take a traditional block and make it modern.  Oversize it, rearrange it, or just put it in a modern setting.  We can make one block or many blocks but they should all be the same block that can be different sizes or shapes.  The size has to be between 96" and 240" perimeter; white or off white has to be in the quilt, but not necessarily the background, and it is due in Jan 2025.  

This has been a category in QuiltCon for a while.  Here are some of the quilts from the 2024 show in Raleigh, NC. brought to you by  Cat Bird recap on YouTube.

I hope the excellent pictures (and YouTube video) give me some inspiration.  

Monday, April 29, 2024

Garden Lady #7 - part Five

This is a continuation of 4 previous posts about the making of Garden Lady #7.

The next step was to add garden/flower details.  I sketched up a few ideas - fun flowers, realistic daisies, trellis, shovel, birdhouses and a fence.  I like to use this small sketching technique when I'm designing quilts.  It really helps me visualize different options.

I liked the first two the best and started drawing and placing ideas onto the quilt top.  The final design included daisies, birdhouses, and some birds.   I made a bunch of turned edge daisies and pinned them up to see how they looked.  Light shades of pink and yellow were used for the flowers and a light orange was used for the centers.  These gave the art quilt 3 variations of daisies - the white ones in the printed fabric, the stitched ones on the pocket, and the ones floating in the background.  Repetition is very helpful on art quilts, and in art in general.  It's one of the small details that I consciously include that most viewers won't recognize, but somehow will feel that the piece is cohesive.

Next were the birdhouses, which were made with 2 different fabrics for each house and black holes for the centers.  I used the dissolving foundation for these too, so that all of the edges were turned edge.  I wanted the poles to be different for each house too, and these were made by starting with 1" wide strips of fabric, turning both raw edges to the center, pressing and finishing at 1/2" wide.   Those pieces were appliqued to the background with invisible thread.  Then, I used antique ribbon, seam binding, and fabric strips to make the stems.  Here is a picture with those pinned in place.

I hand appliqued down all of the stems and decided to add a few tufts of grass here and there, a few leaves, butterflies, and birds.   Finally, I added fingers and a thumb on top of the bouquet.  The top was all ready to quilt.

I hope you like the quilt top and get a feel of being in a daisy filled summer garden.

Monday, April 22, 2024

Garden Lady #7 - Part Four

This is a continuation of the making of Garden Lady #7.  

I didn't like the face that I had picked, so I auditioned different faces.  I ended up using one that I imported into Photoshop and distorted the length of the face to match the length of the original one in the drawing.  It was converted to black and white, posterized, and blurred a little bit more.  

I then picked 4 shades of tan fabrics and used a fusible raw edge method to make the face.  I usually flub up the eyes, which kind of wrecks the face.  But this time, I drew and colored the eyes onto a strip of white prepared for dying fabric (PFD) and placed the "strip of eyes" behind the tan fabrics.  They look so much better than trying to cut and maintain tiny black and white pieces.  The lips were cut from one piece of red fabric that was highlighted with colored pencil.  When the piece gets quilted, there will be sewing lines and more definition; I liked it pretty well already!

I made the feet, shoes, and the arms, also with raw edge fusible.  And here is the entire body pinned to the background.  So far so good!

I hope you like it so far too.

Monday, April 15, 2024

Garden Lady #7 - Part Three

This is a continuation of 2 previous posts about the making of Garden Lady #7.  I kept working on the clothing for this art quilt.

I used the blown up picture as my pattern, but then I made copies of each piece with freezer paper.  I find that this is very helpful when getting the pieces to both lay flat and fit the pattern exactly.

I used the freezer paper to rough cut the fabric that I intended to use.  Then I worked on the fabric by either adding components on top, or using Inktense pencils to highlight areas.  I sometimes sew around the edge of the pattern so that I know where to turn the edges, or I'll wait until I've worked on the piece, then do that step.  On the lower skirt, I wanted to add some shading and I used a Green Aquamarine Inkense pencil to do this.  The base fabric was dyed turquoise and over dyed with ice dye colors.  

But.... when it dried it was so pale that it was hardly noticeable.  Oh well.  (Later, I added more shading with a Fabrico Ink marker. )  Here are the pants and lower skirt pinned in place.  

Then I cut out the overdress, sewed around the pattern edges, and then turned the edges.  

Here it is pinned on the pattern along with the lower skirt, pants, and pocket.  I liked the hippie vibe that was coming out.  Lots of color and pattern!  There was one more pocket to make and I needed to let it sit overnight to pick the right color.

I decided to try a couple of colors to see what looked the best.  Here are the choices. 

 I picked the same fabric as the first pocket and attached it to the dress.

Next, I turned to the body pieces.  Stay tuned to see how they turned out!