Monday, April 18, 2016

Teaching quilting classes

I recently taught a quilting class to some of my local quilt guild members.  We sponsor a day in January every year, where members teach to other members.  It is so fun to share techniques and stretch myself to design quilts.  Plus it's cheap for the students - $20 for a full day class!

Modern Quilt by Joanne Adams Roth

I like a lot of the modern quilts and have found the free form piecing techniques to be freeing and fun.  So this was one of the techniques that I wanted to share with my friends.  I also wanted to introduce dissolving foundation, glue basting, and invisible machine applique.

My classes always include a lot of tips and tricks, and I try to give my students not only a fun experience, but something extra.  Ten women took my class.  Thanks ladies.  It was a great time!

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  1. Those women loved your class! Weren't you proud to see some of their finished quilts in the quilt show? They looked great!--Terry