Monday, June 29, 2015

Which comes first? Quilting or the Nest?

I've been asked which comes first - the nest or the quilting.  Well, it all depends!

Most of the time, the entire quilt top is finished; the quilt is layered with batting and backing; and then the quilting happens.  This art quilt was done in reverse.

This is the 8th quilt in my mixed media art quilt series on nests.  I knew that I wanted to make a very ethereal and light nest, so I decided to make it first.  I gathered up wool roving, vintage rick rack, old book pages dyed pink, tulle, goat hair and fabric scraps.  This was sandwiched between two layers of Solvay, then stitched lightly with white silk thread.

Completed nest
Rick Rack and goat hair

Then I turned my attention to a background.  The word "Beautiful" was given to me by my husband as an inspiration.  So I looked through my stash of fabric, and found a perfect fabric that faded from light to dark pink.  I quilted it with 5 different pink threads to maintain the color shading effect.

The quilted background all done
5 different colors of thread
After the quilting was done, I played around with the nest and embellishments until I liked the layout.  I added strings of faux pearls, rick rack, and a feather.  Hope you like it! 

"Beautiful" by Joanne Adams Roth

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