Monday, August 17, 2015

Summer and Quilts

It's summertime and it's been gloriously hot and dry this year.  I want to be outside in the garden, or on my bicycle, or hiking, or camping.  Anything but sitting in my quilt studio, which just doesn't appeal to me this time of year.  But that doesn't mean I stop thinking about my next quilt (or the next 5!).  How about you?  Do you get the itch to be outside too?

I have a friend who makes a lot of charity quilts, and even though she started in 2012, she's already made over 75 quilts!  Needless to say, she keeps on working through her summer.  What an inspiration.  Not for just working through the summer, but for thinking about the needs in our community.

I also make quilts for charity, but my efforts pale compared to hers.  Recently, I had a lot of fun making quilts with Hawaiian print fabrics (from a trip to Hawaii) and white-on-white prints (that I inherited from my mother).  When the charity group from my quilt guild found out that I was interested in making some for charity, they gave me a big stack of fabric to use for the backing.  My sister helped me sew the tops, and we turned in some fun tropical quilts to our charity group.  Here is a picture of the large quilt that was the inspiration for the 4 smaller ones.  This is a super easy quilt to make and really shows off the large prints.

Hawaiian Quilt by Joanne Adams Roth

I hope that whomever received these quilts gets a feeling of summer.  Now onto my next quilt........

Quilting stitches

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  1. Although I generally like being outside in summer, it's been a little too warm for me this summer and I found that I would rather be inside with the A/C quilting! Your hawaiian quilt is so happy. I like the quilting design!