Monday, February 22, 2016

Holiday Quilt, Part Three and Gray background

I'd forgotten how long it takes to piece a bed sized quilt.  Since I've been working on my nest art quilts this last year, I think I've gotten spoiled at how quickly you can work through your ideas and get a piece finished.    This quilt, called "Chic Kisses" has been pretty fun to make and it is really brightening up my studio during the dreary winter days.  (This quilt top is so big that it was hard to get a nice picture of it!)

Chic Kisses by Joanne Adams Roth
I used to pooh-pooh gray quilts because I live in a gray climate.  Yes, it's really as rainy in the Northwest as everyone claims.  We had a record amount of rain this past December, and it sure feels like we've been under gray skies ever since then.  But the modern quilters really like gray.  So now I'm starting to like it too.  Because I really like the modern quilt look.

I found two fun gray print fabrics with a hint of sheen to them in Sisters at The Stitchin' Post this fall.  They are both called "Shimmer" , which is produced by Robert Kaufman.   I decided this quilt was the perfect place to use them.  Then, I decided to use gray for the background and had to run out and buy that at Fiddlesticks in Vancouver, WA.

Now that the top is all sewn, you can get a sense of how "gray" this quilt is going to look.   I think I'm going to use some of the gray scraps for a smaller holiday quilt too.

Who knew I'd be sewing gray during the gray time of the year?

Let me know what you think of gray in your quilts.


  1. I liked gray before it was cool to like gray. . .although, I usually paired it with back and red! Now, my granddaughter is telling me it needs to go with pink! :) Your top is stunning! Doesn't it feel great that it is this far completed?--Terry

  2. Yes, I'm always thankful when the top is done. This one is too big for me to quilt at home, so it'll be quilted "by check", which is favorite technique of mine!

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