Sunday, January 1, 2017

Holiday presents from Grandkids to parents and grandparents

We had a fun night and day with our 3 youngest Grandkids in December.  The 10 year old has been taking sewing lessons from me, so we assigned her the sewing tasks.  The 8 year old loves to do craft projects, so we assigned her the crafty tasks.  And the 3 year old.  Well, she kept grandpa busy.

We decided to do personalized holiday cards with fabric inserts and a picture of all 3 girls pasted inside along with their 3 signatures.

They all got to pick the color of their paper, the fabric for the insert, and the pattern of the insert.

Here is a picture showing them at the sewing machine, and the picture that we used for the inside.

Their parents each got a card, their great-grandma got a card, and the other set of grandparents got a card.  We didn't get one, but we got the memories, which was even better.

I hope you get a chance to spend some time with your Grandkids and make something homemade and special next holiday season.


  1. I was telling my daughter about your project and she thought it sounded way cool! It is way cool! What a terrific memory for all involved.

  2. What sweet memories and projects!