Thursday, February 2, 2017

Sewing together with other quilters

Sewing and quilting tend to be solitary activities.  Since I am outgoing, it is very hard for me to sit for days in my studio without other people.  I have found that books on tape, audio books, and podcasts are great ways to make me feel like I have other people in the room.  It is easy for me to finish a book if someone is "reading" it to me while I'm sewing or quilting.  I also catch up on really great podcasts like "This American Life", "The Vinyl Cafe", "The Moth" and "Story Corps".  But there is nothing better than being a member of a small quilt group and getting together to work on projects.

I hosted one of my small groups this month and we shared advice, news about our friends, and a yummy little dessert.  Just 5 hours around each other a couple of times a month really helps us to keep the connection, comradery, and critiques that we all need to feel and be part of this big beautiful quilting community.  The next day I went to another small quilt group that I used to belong to, and still visit occasionally.  It's a group of women that I've known for about 25 years.  All we have to do now is say one word and we all start cracking up.  One of the members brought a couple of old pictures, and some of us didn't recognize ourselves!  What a hoot.

If you're not a member of small group, find one.  Then let me know how much you enjoy sharing your passion with others.

Here's some old pictures of the Undercover Quilters that I'm sure they won't mind that I share with you.

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  1. Any time you have the opportunity to stitch with friends makes for pleasant memories. I am fortunate to have many good memories!