Monday, December 3, 2018

Quilt sleeves - another method

I've written posts about quilt sleeves a couple of times.  Just search on the word "sleeves" and you will find them.  This post is about another method.

Several friends use this method to insure that they get some excess fabric to allow for the handing rod/pole.  You really must allow for this space so that the rod/pole doesn't show a bump on the front side of the quilt when its displayed.  All you need is an extra 1/2" and it really does make a difference in how the quilt looks when it's hanging in a show.

Here is how this method works.

1.  Measure and cut the the material 9" wide times the width of the top of our quilt.  In my example, I cut it 9" x 12", because my little quilt is 12" wide.

2.  Press it with wrong sides together in half lengthwise.
3.  Sew a 1/4" seam on the raw edges.

4.  Fold over to the wrong side (or inside) 1/2" twice and both ends and stitch in place.

5.  Baste with your longest basting stitch, 1/4" from the folded edge.

6.  Press the seam towards one side, centering it.

7.  Turn the sleeve over and press the basted seam towards one side; it should already be centered.
8.  Pin the sleeve onto the top backside of your quilt, leaving approximately 1" from the top.  Make sure the basted seam faces out and the sewn seam is against the backside of your quilt.

9.  Slip stitch the top, bottom and both ends to the quilt.

10.  Remove the basting thread.

There you have it.  A quilt sleeve that has room for the hanging rod/pole.

I hope you try this method too.

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