Monday, April 1, 2019

Burgundy quilt

I headed to the beach for a retreat in January 2019, and didn't have any projects in the works to take along.  What?  No UFO's?  Great!

However, that meant I had to scramble to put together a couple of ideas for a project.  I decided to get 2 quilts from the charity group that needed binding; and to make a quilt from the leftover fabric from my Nancy Crow class taken 2 years ago.  I had tons of burgundy family fabrics, a lot of black and white and grays, and a few pops of color to go with it all.

Here are the piles that I started with:

I had no idea where I was going with this quilt, and that was part of the fun.   I sewed 5 different strip sets. And, I forgot to take pictures of them.  I hope you can figure out what they were from the picture.  These were cut into varying widths and sewn together with black setting strips.

I decided to quilt it with a heavy variegated thread with a walking foot.  It was fun to make and used up a lot of fabric that has been sitting in my stash.  Two good things!  

Here is the completed quilt.  It is 48" x 64".  

I hope you like it!

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