Monday, March 2, 2020

Vagabonds Challenge for 2020

Vagabonds has picked the challenge for 2020.  We're all making quilts based on a photograph that was taken by member, Ada Levins.  Ada has been taking all kinds of photography classes and she has quite a stash of amazing photos.  Last year, she took a lot of abstract photos, using all kinds of techniques.  We were all allowed to select our picture from her portfolio, and we didn't restrict the choices if two people wanted to use the same photograph.  Here's the one I chose.  She made this photo by putting glass over some Christmas tree lights, and adding oil to water.

I played around with the color and cropped the photo to this:

And here are some of my quick sketches for ideas on how I might make this quilt.

We have a year to complete the quilt, and this one may take most of that time!

I hope you stretch your brain and step out of your comfort zone to try new techniques. 

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