Monday, August 31, 2020

Binding with piped edge

One of my friends recently completed a top with a tiny piped edge and I really liked it.  She learned the technique from Ricky Tims several years ago.  He credited the original method to Sherri Driver, who in turn learned it from Debra Wagner.  So credit is being given where credit is due.  Don't you find that you pick up hints and tricks all the time?  Not too many of my techniques are original.   Some are derivatives for sure.  But most are things that I've learned and wanted to pass along to you.

I used the #10 and the #32 feet on the Bernina, size #3 pearl cotton embroidery thread for the cording, cut the piping strips at 1" wide and the binding strips at 3-5/8" wide.

The first step was to insert the piping inside the piping binding.  This is where the #32 cording foot was used as well as moving the needle 2 positions to the right.

The second step was to attach the piping to the binding.  The same foot and needle position were used for this step.  I also placed some painter's tape at 1-5/8 inches to the right of the needle (keep the needle in the same position and measure from that spot).

Then you need to press the binding so that the piping sticks out.  Here it is on the back side.

And this is what it looks like on the front side.

That is how the piped binding was prepared.  The way to attach this to the quilt is in the next blog post.

So stay tuned!

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