Friday, October 16, 2020

My first whole bolt purchase!

Even though I have been sewing and quilting for probably close to 60 years, the most fabric that I've ever purchased was 9 yards for backing fabric.  Many of my friends buy fabric by the bolt, or buy the "rest of the bolt" at a store to get a discount.  Of course, that is fabric that they are pretty sure they are going to use a LOT of in their quilts.  But I never did.  Until...

YES!  I bought my first whole bolt of fabric!  It's 20 yards of solid black Moda Bella.  I love the feel of the Moda Bella fabrics and their solid colors are so yummy.  It's one of only two black solid fabrics that I like.  The other one is Kona Cotton.  And I like all of their colors and nice hand to their fabrics.

Here is a link to a description of Moda Bella solids and why they are so great!  And here is one for the color chart for Kona Cotton by Robert Kauffman.

Anyway, stay tuned for all the black that will show up in my future quilts!

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