Monday, December 7, 2020

Backing Fabric

 OK, here's another new one for me!  I have never bought the wide fabric especially made for backing for quilts.  I have always pieced together 42" wide fabric, or pieced the back from fabric in my stash.

For once, however, I decided that I would just buy the dang backing fabric and be done with it!  I found a nice gray print at 108" wide, and bought 3 yards, which is 108" long.  Voila!  I have the backing all done for the pickle dish and mariner's compass quilt.

Geesh. Sometimes it takes years for something to sink in.  It was less expensive and much more pleasurable to just plunk down the money and have the backing all done.  Guess what I'm going to do next time?

I hope you enjoy quilting and are getting a few laughs from my blog.  Tee-hee....until next time.

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