Monday, October 4, 2021

Changing Binding Colors

I was originally going to share a technique that was developed and demonstrated on the Quilting Arts TV show by Sandra Bruce.  (It was on Season 22, Episode 8).  Her design is way more accurate than any technique that I've shown before.  Why it is so cool is that you are able to do regular binding and still get the effect that you would get with facing a quilt.  A couple of things to know is that the seams are very tiny close to 1/8", and they are pressed in the direction of the darkest fabric.  The other thing is that you can only work on one side of the quilt at a time.  But, after having this in my draft folder for so long, I decided that I would should you how to change binding at the corner, and let you look up her technique, if you're interested.

I'm pretty sure that I've shown this before, but here it is again.

I wanted to have green binding on the bottom edge of this little quilt, and blue binding on the other 3 sides.  I sewed the green binding first, leaving plenty of fabric hanging off both edges.  I then sewed on the blue binding, leaving a tail at the beginning and the end, but folding the two corners.  I stopped and started the sewing, backstitching at the all 4 corners.

Using a white marking pencil, I used my corner mark-it tool, and drew a triangle on both the green and the blue side of the binding.

I lined up and sewed right on the triangles, backstitching at the start, the stop, and the corner.  This was trimmed and turned to the backside.

Slipstitching was used to sew the binding to the back of the quilt.

I hope you have fun binding your quilts!

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