Monday, September 21, 2015

Graduation Quilts

Several years ago, I made a quilt for my son's high school graduation.  Well how time flies.  It's almost been 30 years ago! Now, I'm making one for his son.

It started a tradition that has continued on with my nieces and nephews, grand nieces, and grandchildren. My mother thought it was such a good idea that she also made quilts for graduation. So now many young women and men in my family have received two quilts.  Some of the graduates like to have input on the design of their quilt, and some of them don't really care what the quilt is going to look like.  To be honest, it's mostly the girls that have an idea about color and style.  And some of the mothers haven't let their boys take their quilts when they move out.

I wish I had pictures of all the quilts in digital format, but alas, only a few are in the computer. Here's a couple to give you an idea of how different they all have been.

I hope your family loves your quilts and that you have great memories of them as you make quilts for special occasions.

Alex Lematta's graduation quilt

Nick DeJarlais' graduation quilt
Kelsey Lematta's graduation quilt


  1. Such a great variety of graduation quilts. What a gift you have and how precious of you to share your talent. I love each one here for different reasons!