Monday, October 26, 2015

Inspiration from photos

The group of friends that read and studied "The Artist's Way" with me earlier in 2015 are raring to go again with a new book and exercises aimed at stretching our inner quilt artists.  One of the first exercises is to look through some of our favorite pictures for inspiration.  Then we need to determine what it is the we like about the pictures.

I really like to hike and take photos, so I have a ton that I've taken over the last couple of years.  So many of them are in the Pacific Northwest forests, which are heavy with Douglas Fir trees, and have an under-story of vine maples, huckleberries, salmon berries, ferns and wild flowers.  I also have a lot of photos of amazing scenery.  What I think I'll start with for this exercise is pictures of the trees.  Here's a few that I've picked for inspiration.  I don't know if they will work or not, but at least I've got a starting point.

Olympic National Park

Multnomah to Waukena Falls hike, Oregon 

Oregon Columbia gorge

Cape Horn hike Washington

Angel's Falls hike Oregon

Columbia Gorge Oregon

Mt Adams Wilderness, Washington

Lewis and Clark Park, Washington

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  1. Beautiful tree photos. My favorite is the Lewis and Clark Park photo. Wouldn't have thought those colors would have existed in nature! A close second is the Cape Horn photo.--Terry