Monday, December 14, 2015

Serpintine Quilting Stitch

I have to share a favorite stitch that I use for quilting.  It's a serpentine stitch that can be changed from the factory setting to look like a meandering, playful, free form stitch.  What I really like about it, besides the look, is that you can stitch it with the walking foot, so that you end up with neat and even stitches.  Here is a picture showing the stitch.

Serpentine stitch

This is stitch #4 on the Bernina 440 machine.  I changed the width to 3.1 mm and the length to 2.5 mm.  I also set my straight stitch to 0.4 mm long and used this stitch to stop and start .... and also to go around the corners.

Here is what the screen looks like for both settings.

For this quilt, I used the stitch 9 times side by side in one area of the quilt.  At each corner, I used the tiny straight stitch.  I stopped just short of the corner, switched stitches, turned the quilt, and took a few more stitches, then switched back to the serpentine stitch.  I like the look that I get at the corners when I use the straight stitch and I feel like this secures the stitches.  Here is a picture showing how close to the corner I sew before changing the stitch.

I hope you like this stitch and will try it out on your quilt!


  1. Joanne, Thanks for sharing your machine settings for this stitch. I tried to use this stitch on my last project; but, decided against it. Are you using the bottom of the arcs to be your guide for your foot?--Terry

    1. Thanks for the question, Terry. The two outside rows are done by lining up the edge of the foot with a seam line that is straight. Then I center the walking foot between previous rows and keep bisecting the space by adding rows until I feel like I have enough.

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