Monday, October 30, 2017

Nelly's Kenya House - The little African quilt

The inspiration for this little quilt was a small embroidered piece that was made by Nelly in Kenya.  She made this piece for the "Beyond Fistula" organization, which supports obstetric fistula survivors.  One of my acquaintances in Portland travels to Kenya and brings these pieces back to sell, while she travels around bringing awareness of the issues and the organization that helps the girls lead a somewhat normal life.  Oh boy, this is a very sad event in many of the young girls' lives and is very hard to fathom what they have endured.  The organization helps the girls get surgery and provides housing and support for many of them.  So I was happy to purchase a piece and have mounted it onto a larger little quilt.  If you want to learn more, just click on this link: Beyond Fistula

I made a few sketches of how to mount this piece.

And here it is against a purple background with the extra huts drawn in chalk.

I embroidered the houses and the paths.

I quilted the entire piece in a overall square in a square design, then stitched the little quilt onto the larger one.  I bound it in black and white stripes, cut on the bias.   And here is the finished quilt.

Nelly's Kenya House by Joanne Adams Roth and Nelly 2017

I hope you like it!

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