Monday, November 6, 2017

Confetti Nest Art Quilt - Nest #21

I saved scraps from making children's' charity quilts and bunched them together confetti style to make a nest.  Then I scrunched together some green tulle to get the darker center area. I found a perfect background fabric from my stash.  The quilting was done to give some kind of ground effect to the nest.  After the quilting was done, I used Inktense pencil and shaded in the area underneath the nest.  then I attached the nest.

This time after I attached the nest, I went back and did some "long stitches" with invisible thread so that I could weave in more fiber on top of the nest.  I did this by taking a few stitches in place, then raised the presser foot and moved the piece an inch or so, then took a few more stitches.  I did this over the front part of the nest only.  Then I pulled out a bunch of fiber things, including yarn, thread, hand dyed fabric and rick rack from my collection.  Did I ever tell you that people bring me all kinds of things to use in my fiber art pieces?  I love getting all of this cast off stuff and especially like using it in my nest art quilts.  So here's the pile of stuff.

After I added the fluffy stuff on the front of the nest, I decided it looked too blah!  My husband said it needed eggs.  So I tested out several colors of black/white and orange.  He liked a marbled orange the best, so that's what I used.  I added highlights and shadows with Derwent Inktense pencils.  And here it is what it looked like after I added the eggs.  I'm sure I have the light source all mixed up, but it's OK.  I like it like it is.

And here it is after I did the facing.

It has been fun to make another nest quilt after all the time has passed, and I hope to make some more.

I hope you like it!


  1. I like the way you wove in more "stuff" and what wonderful "stuff" you had to weave into that nest! I like your "artistic" edges on your project. Great nest quilt. . . of course, I LOVED the red eggs!