Monday, January 1, 2018

Art Nest Quilt #22 - Confetti II, The Eclipse

This is my 22nd nest art quilt.  It is the second in my confetti nest series.  I used scraps from making charity quilts to make the nest.  It worked well with a blue ombre fabric that I had in my stash.  And I thought that it called for a pop of color in the birds.

I sketched up some ideas for the birds and placed them on the background.  My plan is to make it a little bit funny by adding eclipse glasses on all but one of the birds.

And here I am showing how I have auditioned the orange fabrics that I thought about using.  I love how much freedom I get in the design process with my design board.  I can get a much better idea of how things are going to look by pinning stuff on the wall, then stepping back for a better view.  Do you have a design wall too? I hope so!

I ended up making the birds with several colors of orange and (my favorite) lime green.  Embroidery and beading were added, as well as a small bit of shading with ink.  Here are a few close ups of the birds.

And here is the final quilt.

Nest #22 - Confetti II, The Eclipse by Joanne Adams Roth 2017

I hope you like it!