Monday, September 17, 2018

Shadow Selfie #4 - Giddy Up

This is the 4th quilt in the Shadow Selfie series.  I wrote blogs previously about quilts 1-3.

Many time when I take a shadow selfie, I enlist my husband in the picture too.  He's not quite as enthusiastic about getting into the groove as I am, but he will pose when we're on a trip.  This picture was taken on one of those trips.  We live in the Pacific Northwest, where rodeos abound around the 4th of July.  There are so many of them they call it "Cowboy Christmas".  We don our cowboy hats and western clothes and head out for a good old fashioned rodeo.   Hence the name "Giddy Up".

I found a perfect background fabric that looked like barbed wire to me.  Do you think it looks like that too?

I drew up the pattern and made freezer paper templates, which I then ironed onto the background.   I numbered each piece and made match marks between the pieces so that I could sew them back together, leaving generous allowances around the edges.  That way, I knew I would be able to trim the piece to size after sewing.  If you are working with odd angles, be sure to leave this extra allowance too.

I placed the pieces along the grain-line of the fabric and after pressing the freezer paper down, I cut out all the pieces, leaving the freezer paper in place so that I would know which piece was what.

After sewing the background togehter, I fused the shadows in place, appliqued them with invisible smoky thread and quilted the piece.

Shadow Selfie #4 - Giddy Up by Joanne Adams Roth

I hope you like it.