Monday, June 22, 2020

Vagabonds Challenge 2020 - FINAL

I've written 5 previous blogs about the making of this art piece.  I hope you've enjoyed seeing the thought process on how this quilt was made.  Many times, my pieces go much faster.  But this one has been intuitive at each step as well as pushing the limits on my creativity and skills.  It's been extremely helpful to run my ideas past my small design group, as well as just trusting my gut.

So, last time, I played around with layouts and how to connect the pieces into one quilt.  I tried so many backgrounds and let them sit; then tried more and let them sit; then tried even more and let them sit.  My biggest issue was that I didn't want to lose the transparency of the holes. Here were some of the trial backgrounds:

I finally just decided to connect them same way that I connected my nine shadow selfies, which was with thread enhanced fabric.  Here are the pieces:

And here is the final quilt as nine small quilts sewn together with spacers:

I'm calling it Dancing Circle I.    I hope you like it!

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