Monday, September 28, 2020

Pickle Dish and Mariner's Compass Quilt - Part Three

This is a continuation of two previous posts about the making of the pickle dish and mariner's compass quilt.

I used a handy circle template sheet that I had purchased from Cindy Needham to help prepare the pattern for the Mariner's compass blocks.  Her sheet only goes to 14" and I needed 16".  No problem, though.  I just traced the pattern I made for the pickle dish on the outside edges, then laid this over her template.  It was easy and fast to make a pattern for the Mariner's compass blocks.  Like the pickle dish, I didn't want the tips to end right at the edge of the circle, so I scooted them inside by 1/8" too.  Here is my basic pattern:

I wanted to make sure that the colors blended with the previous pickle dish blocks and this meant that the mariner's compass blocks needed to be slightly different.  Here are the 3 colorations that this quilt required.

I don't know how this blog is going to turn out.  Blogger has changed their platform and the pictures are huge on my screen.  Oh well, it's not to late to learn new stuff, I guess.

Anyway, I hope you still like this quilt.

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