Monday, November 2, 2020

Nehalem Bay Reflection Quilt - Final

This is a continuation and the final posting about the making of the Nehalem Bay Reflection quilt.  As I was painting and quilting, I had fond memories of our hikes and camping trips to Nehalem Bay State Park in Oregon - hiking on the beach, riding bicycles into nearby Manzanita, picking wild huckleberries, riding on the bicycle trails all around the campground and park,  looking for deer, campground dinners, and starry nights around the campfire.  That's why I like to write about my art quilts - they bring back so many memories and start new ones.

I didn't do any thread painting on this picture like I did on all the bees on flower quilts.  The actual quilting gave all the movement I wanted on this piece. I used mostly blue, gray and off white thread to do the quilting, which was done on my sit down long arm machine.  It was faced at the edges.

Here's the final quilt.  It measures 32" H x 43" wide.

I hope you like it!