Monday, November 30, 2020

Pickle Dish and Mariner's Compass - Piecing underway Again and top finished

This is a continuation of many previous posts about the making of the Pickle Dish and Mariner's Compass Quilt.  I'm going to try and show you how I sewed together the vertical rows on this challenging quilt.  First, I sewed the vertical units together, then sewed the pickles to the vertical rows.  This made the "pickle dish" vertical rows.

Then I sewed together the "Mariner's Compass" vertical rows. (See the second row in the picture below.)

The key was to sew rows so that they nested as an "Ess" shape.  Very similar to the process of sewing together the pickle dish units.  Look at the center vertical strip and the one on the right.  You can see that I picked up each piece and sewed them together to make the vertical rows.  And can you see the resulting "Ess" gap?  That's how you make it easier to sew all these curved seams together.  I sewed the border pieces onto each end as well.

Then the vertical rows were sewn together.  Here is what it looks like with those two rows sewn together.  I actually sewed it in sections.  First by sewing all of the center pieces with their corresponding pickle dish section.  Then going back and sewing in the Mariner's Compass sections with the center pieces.  And finally, by sewing the pickle dish end pieces and border pieces together.  It wasn't complicated, but did involve a lot of pinning and SLOW sewing.  Oh, and in order for the Mariner's compass to overlap the pickle dish ends, they do have to be marked for the curve.  I just made a freezer paper template and marked the seam line.

I hope you like the color placement and beauty of this quilt.  The top ending up being 90"  x 90".  

It's so big that it goes from the floor to the ceiling of my design wall and I wasn't able to step back far enough to get a good shot of it.

Anyway, I hope you like it.  Now onto the quilting!  

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