Monday, November 9, 2020

Who egged who on?


At a recent meeting of my small quilt group, now called "JAWS" (Joanne and the widows), we kidded each other about taking on the Pickle Dish and Mariner's Compass quilt project.  It's so detailed and so huge!  We are all accomplished quilters and can sew this kind of quilt.  But we are starting to look at each other like we are crazy!

One person, who started the whole thing, saw it in a magazine and fell in love with it.  Then the second person fell in love with it too.  And before we knew it, we all 4 had agreed to making the quilt.

Now that we're a couple of months into the process, we are realizing that this monster is going to take FOREVER!  Like in 3 or more years!  I know that it takes up my whole design wall, so I can't work on anything else until it's fully pieced.  

Somehow, since I have made the most progress, it is now my fault for egging on the others.  OK, I agree that I can incite people to quilt like maniacs and produce results.  A little bit bossy, a little bit enthusiastic, a little bit encouraging, and sometimes, a little bit too blunt.  As in, "Are those basting stitches ?"  Or, "Did you forget to get dessert for the quilt group and have to cut those cookies into tiny little pieces?".  Anyway, I think I'm off topic slightly.  

We are laughing (a little bit) when we think and say that we all must be crazy!  They don't really hate me (yet) and we are having fun teasing each other about it.  Really though, what else are we to do when we can't go anywhere due to COVID-19.  Might as well sew like maniacs.

We think we might have to change our group name now to "Joanne and the Whiners".  What do you think?


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