Friday, March 5, 2021

Mariner's Compass and Pickle Dish Quilt - All Done!

This is the final installment of the Mariner's Compass and Pickle Dish Quilt.  I wrote so many blogs about the making of this quilt, and many of them probably showed my frustration with this very challenging pattern.  But, like most of my quilts, I loved it in the end.

Su Holmes quilted this one for me on her longarm machine.  She used a digital pattern called "Spiral Maze" designed by Krista Withers, who is a friend of mine from Seattle.  Krista used to do quilting for me and many of my friends in Seattle and Sammamish, but quit doing that and instead is designing modern digital quilting patterns.  I loved her work then and love her designs now!    

And thanks to Su, I now have a finished quilt.  It's 90" x 90" and I named it "In a Pickle".

I hope you love it too!

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