Monday, August 30, 2021

3-D quilt in 4 colors

I saw this picture on Pinterest and decided that this would make a fun 3-D quilt.  

I made the blocks pretty small so that I would end up with a smaller quilt.  It's made with 3-1/2" finished blocks.  I used gray, black, white, and green, and in hindsight, should have put the two lighter colors together and the two darker colors together, instead of substituting green for the red.  Because of the value difference, I lost a lot of the 3-D effect.

Here's how I made it:

This is entirely made with half square triangles.  Determine where you want the different colors to be, and count the number of pieces you'll need.  (Sorry, I forgot to keep the count for the blog!).  Cut the squares 5", mark the center diagonal seam on one of the squares and sew them together for half square triangles.  Cut them apart, press towards the darker side and trim to 4" square.  You'll end up with six different combinations of blocks, as shown below:

Lay the blocks out according to the picture, sew the rows and press each row in opposite directions.

Sew the rows together, pressing the seams all in one direction. 

Stay stitch around the outside edge.

For quilting, I ran parallel lines in the areas that that are supposed to look like long lines on the diagonal.  And then quilting heavily in the background spaces to "push" those areas to the back.

The quilt ended up being 42.5" W x 56" H.

I hope you like it - now I just to figure out what to name it.  Can you help?

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