Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Dying fabric

Our quilt guild hosted a fabric dying class recently and I was thrilled to get into the class and learn a little more about fabric dying.  One guild member hosted the workshop in her yard and the other guild member prepared all of the fabric dye and material for the class.  PLUS, she brought all the containers and squirt bottles, measuring cups and spoons, and fabric soap.  It was so amazing that both of these women went to so much work ahead of the class for all of our benefit.  Bravo!

The first gradation that we dyed was of one color, with 8 steps.  I used blue.  Here are they dye cups from the class, and the first gradation:

The next set was a rainbow gradation of 12 colors, using 3 primary colors of dye.  Here's my set:

The last set that we dyed was a gradation of 9, using 2 primary color dyes.  Here is my set:

It was a wonderful day and I ended up with some really cool fabric.

And P.S. They had donuts, cookies, and coffee in the morning, and chocolate in the afternoon.  What's better than that!

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  1. I really like the pale green colors in your last charity quilt.