Monday, November 29, 2021

Improv quilt components - Making directional prints move around the curve

This is another component trick that I used in the making of the New York Beauty Improv quilt.

This component utilizes a directional print with a strong stripe.  I wanted the strips to move around the curve of the piece, while lining up with the direction of the radius (a line from the center of the circle to the outside edge).  

I numbered the pieces on the foundation drawing.  These were then traced onto freezer paper templates and cut out.

The templates were ironed to the back side of the fabric, lining up the CENTER with one of the circle striped sections.  

The pieces were then cut apart, leaving a generous seam allowance and lining up the LEFT cutting line with the same angle as the left of the template.

Starting with piece #1, the piece was lined up with the template and pinned in place.  Piece number two was placed right sides together with piece #1, matching up the edges of the templates, and placing a pin at each location to hold them in place.

The seam was sewn, then trimmed to 1/4".

The pieces were ironed to the back side of the foundation paper.  The next piece was then picked up, placed right sides with piece #2, matching up the edges of the templates.  The rest is a repeat of the steps to sew, trim, press, and pick up the next piece.

After the entire foundation was covered and pressed, the excess fabric was trimmed to 1/4" on both of the curved edges.  Here it is before it was trimmed.  You can see that the strong vertical lines of the fabric ended up just where I wanted them to be.

And here is the component in the piece.

I hope you like it and can use this technique to get the results that you want.

P.S.  I decided that it is easier to use solid components between the pieced components.  This one used two piece components side by side and it was too hard for an improve quilt block!

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