Monday, March 14, 2022


I hadn't made a self-portrait and wanted to make one this year.

I used a picture that was taken of me on a cruise through the Panama Canal.  The picture was imported into Photoshop, turned into black and white, posterized, and finally printed as a pencil sketch.  I traced the picture, had it blown up at Rose City Blueprint, and traced it onto the fabric with permanent marker.  Like many other quilts, I changed my mind at that point and decided to go ahead and paint it with fabric paint.  I only used white and black paint that I mixed into 7 shades.  I printed the posterized version of the picture and used it as a guide to paint the portrait.  Then I cut it out and fused it to the background.  It was thread highlighted, touched up with ink pencils, and colored pencils.   After all of that was done, I layered it with Thermore batting and backing and it was quilted.  The only fabric is the dress and the background.  I may touch it up a little bit more around the eyes.  Who knows?

The quilt ended up at 21" W x 23" L.

I hope you like it!

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