Monday, February 5, 2024

Charity quilts - Log cabin scrap with black and white sashing

I still had blue and purple fabrics left over after making the first 4 charity quilts in 2024.  Since I had already made 4 from the same pattern, I decided to use one with black and white sashing.  This quilt measures 66" x 66" and the sashing is made with black and white fabrics.

Here are the instructions:



66” x 66”

This is a great quilt for using up scraps of fabric, or even a jelly roll.   The black and white are made from strips cut WOF.

Cutting instructions:

Black fabric:  Cut 41 each 2-1/2” x 2-1/2” squares

Cut 1-1/2” wide strips WOF – you’ll need 3 for each strip set; or 6 for the entire quilt

White fabric: Cut 1-1/2” wide strips WOF – you’ll need 2 for each strip set or 4 for the entire quilt

Cut 5” wide strips WOF – you’ll need two for each strip set – or 4 for the entire quilt

Colored fabric:  Cut 2” wide pieces of fabric WOF, or whatever the longest you can get out of scraps.  If you're using a jelly roll, the strips will need to be cut down from 2-1/2" to 2" width.

You’ll need a large pile of various fabrics.  (Since I made this from scraps, I can’t tell you how many I cut).

Sewing instructions:

Make the strips sets with the black and white fabrics.

Sew a white 5” strip to a black 1-1/2” strip; then add the 1-1/2” strip of white; then add another 1-1/2” strip of black; then another 1-1/2” of white; then another 1-1/2” of black; and finally, a 5” strip of white. The final piece should measure 14-1/2” wide x WOF.  Make two of these.

Press towards the black.

Cut the strip sets into 2-1/2” wide strips.  You should be able to get 16 pieces from each piece.  You need 28 total.

Make the log cabin blocks with the colored fabrics and 16 of the 2-1/2” black squares.

Using the shortest pieces of your scraps, start sewing the colored strips to the black squares in log cabin fashion.  Press and rim at each step.  Keep adding logs until you have 4 strips added to all sides of the black square.  The blocks should measure 14-1/2” x 14-1/2”.  You need 16 of these.


Layout the black corner squares with the sashing pieces.

Place a colored block in the 16 squares.

Sewing the top

Sew the sashing into 5 vertical rows, pressing towards the black.

Sew the sashing to the blocks in their 4 vertical rows.  Press towards the colored blocks.

Sew the vertical rows together and press in one direction.

 Stay stich 1/8” to 1/4” around all edges.

I hope you like this quilt.

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