Monday, February 25, 2019

Whisper Challege - Part Six

This blog is part of the series about the Whisper Challenge quilts.

I got this little 12" x 12" quilt from Audrey Prothero.  It was the 5th one in the series for Ada Levins.
This quilt was a departure from any of the others that I has seen and it it clearly had portraits of Frida Kahlo with a Mexican feel to the flowers.  There's not much color on it; mostly black and white.  I think that I will continue with the floral theme and perhaps use a little more of the black and white, but without the artist.

Here is the one that was passed along to me:

And here is the one that I made.  I used a tropical themed fabric with a layer of turquoise organza on the top.  Then I made a bunch of black and white flowers that I appliqued to the background.

I hope she likes it!

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