Monday, December 25, 2023

Garden Lady #5 - Part One

I got the inspiration for this quilt from a greeting card that was designed by Jane Newland.

I thought that it was really sweet.  I decided to try for a more natural face, arms and legs.  So I went hunting for inspiration and pictures.   Here are the sketches of the arms, legs, face and hat. My intention is to use the hat to cover the eyes. (I'm not that great at making realistic eyes!).

I decided to work on the background first on this quilt and wanted to use fabric and fibers that were already in my stash of supplies.  Here's the patterns pinned to the green and brown background fabrics that I selected.

I pulled out yarn, thread,  fabric, vegetable bags, antique trims, and doily pieces and put them all in a pile.

These were all snipped and layered onto the green background and covered with green tulle.  Here are the pieces all ready to stitch down.

I put a tear away stabilizer on the back and stitched the pieces with green thread - just enough to hold the things in place.

I hope you like it so far.

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