Monday, January 29, 2024

Hanging Device with wood eye screws

I looked back at previous blogs about the making of hanging devices for art galleries.  In the first one that I wrote, I used small eye screws.  But those weren't big enough for one of the local galleries.  What they needed were eye screws that were large enough for a pencil to go through it.  Here is the package and a picture of the eye screws, and  a bunch of them showing how they slip over the pencil. They are #10 x 1-3/8" zinc plated wood eye screws.  They are rated to hold 25 lbs.  

I remember now that the sleeves had to be split for some art galleries, while a solid sleeve was fine for others.  I'll wait to see if I get my garden lady series into art galleries, and then modify my sleeves then, if I have to.  

My husband went to the local big box store and bought boards from the craft wood area.  They were 1/2" thick x 4' Long x 3" deep.  He cut these to the exact size that I needed for my quilts, which is 1-1/4" shorter than the finished width, or the length of the sleeve if it's shorter.  That leaves 5/8" on each side for the eyes.    We figured out last time that the eye screws needed to be put closer to the top edge, rather than in the center.   So we marked those at 5/8" from the top edge and centered on the 1/2" width side.

We made 5 of them for the garden lady series, which I'm hoping to get into gallery shows.  Each board got labeled with the name of the quilt that it goes with.  Here's what a finished board looks like:

I hope you are able to exhibit your art quilts in galleries and here's crossing my fingers that these can be shown side by side.

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