Monday, September 4, 2023

Green Lady #3 - part 3

This is a continuation of 2 previous posts about the making of Green Lady #3.

The skirt was made with a base of dark green fabric that was enhanced with antique lace and strips of organza.    

I found a couple of pictures of garden boots on the internet, and used them for the patterns for the boots and legs.  Then, I started adding the floral components to the background.  I used pictures from my garden to inspire some of the foliage and used the fabric motifs for some others.  The fabric was backed with fusible and cut out free hand.  I placed them all; moved a few around; and when I got a layout that I liked, I pinned the lady on top.  After all of the components were made, they were either fused or appliqued to the background.  Here is the piece with all of the components in place.

Next up will be the quilting.  I hope you like it so far!

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