Monday, September 11, 2023

Transferring and painting birds onto an art quilt

I've used a technique to transfer and paint birds onto art quilts a few times and thought it might be helpful to share it, step by step.

I have a few sketches and pictures of birds in my sketch book.  When I want to add one to an art quilt, I trace the bird onto tracing paper with a fine tip permanent marker.  This tracing is pinned to the art quilt.

I quilt through the paper using a dark thread and short stitch length, which is done by slowly moving the quilt while using a fairly rapid speed and the darning foot (or free motion foot). 

The paper is then ripped off.  If you use thin tracing paper, this comes off very easily.

I use  Inktense pencils and a small amount of clear aloe vera gel and paint the area inside the thread.  When it dries, it is permanent.

I hope you can use this technique on some of your quilts.  

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