Monday, September 25, 2023

Inserting skinny lines perpendicular to each other

This is the 4th post about inserting skinny lines into improv blocks.

This post is about inserting skinny lines across a plain block, then cutting through it perpendicularly and adding more inserts.  All of the insert pieces were cut at 3/4" wide to start with.

The first block was done by slicing across the block and inserting a strip of gold fabric, with a reveal of slightly less than 1/4".  The block was then cut across in 2 areas and lime green strips of fabric were inserted.  This method slightly offsets the first line in the piece, which looks fine for an improv block.  I suppose you could get fussy and try to line up the pieces, but then your improv juices get turned off.

The second block was cut in half and the sides were then also cut in half.  Gold inserts were put into the halved halves (revealing 1/8" strips of gold), and then the two sides were sewn together with a slightly larger reveal (revealing 1/4" strips of gold).  This method preserves the straightness of the first improv insert.

I hope you try these techniques in some of your improv blocks.

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