Monday, June 18, 2018

President's block

Each year our guild is asked to make quilt blocks to give to our outgoing president, as a way to thank her for her year of service to our organization.  This year, 2018, the request to the members was to make a block, up to 10", of something orange, and perhaps a chicken or cat somewhere on the block.

I know that this particular president has quite a sense of humor, so I designed a humorous cat for the block that I wanted to make for her.

And here it is:

I hope it gives you a smile too!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Special Exhibit - Avian Studies with Wilma Scott

We had another fabulous quilt show at the Clark County Event Center in April 2018.  I entered 16 quilts, which seems like a lot!  Some of them were entered into a special exhibit called "Avian Studies".  Wilma Scott entered 7 of her bird quilts, and I entered 7 of my nest quilts.

Here are the pictures of that special exhibit:

It was fun to have a collaborative exhibit.  Thanks Wilma!

Monday, June 4, 2018

Special Exhibit - Vagabonds Bride Dress Challenge

A special exhibit that I was involved with at the Clark County Quilters annual quilt show was the Vagabonds Bride Dress Challenge.  I wrote a couple of previous posts about the making of the bride dress quilt that I entered.

Our group got together and made a wedding cake and table skirt to go along with our exhibit.  We also put one of the dresses we didn't cut up on a mannequin.  It was quite the display!

Here are the photos from the special exhibit, which was part of the Clark County Quilters annual quilt show in April 2018.

Bride Dress and quilt by Sharry Olmstead

Quilt by Audrey Prothero

quilt by Ada Levins
quilt by Beverly Woodard

quilt by Audrey Prothero

Quilt by Lynn Czaban
quilt by Sharry Olmstead

Quilt by Beverly Woodard

quilt by Val Pellens

Quilt by Val Pellens

quilt by Karan Brooks
quilt by Joanne Adams Roth