Monday, April 11, 2022

Shadow Selfie - Peace

I made another collaged quilt background with a shadow selfie.  My husband said that I needed more current shadow selfies  So, he went out for a walk with me and took this photo of me giving the 'Peace' sign.

I made this quilt the same way as the previous shadow selfie.  I sketched and colored in a design.  Each square was transfered to a 6" piece of muslin.  Fabric was sewn and glued to make the collage.  Then the blocks were sewn together.  Using left-over snippets from the background pieces, and a pile of antique ribbon and bias binding, yarn, and threads, I piled them on top of the completed background.  One layer of black tulle was then placed over the top and it was quilted with several colors of thread.  The final step was to put 2 layers of black tulle underneath the shadow selfie picture and sew around it twice with black thread.

It is 36" W x 42" H.  I think it's timely, with wanting PEACE in the world!  Too much war!

Anyway, I hope you like it.

Monday, April 4, 2022

Improv New York Beauty - Final

The improv New York Beauty quilt is finally done! 

It was quilted by Tami Levins in Vancouver, WA and I just finished the binding.  It's 70" x 70" and I love it!

I hope you like it too!