Monday, February 8, 2021


Do you have as many ideas floating around in your head as I have?  I swear that I will have to live to be 100 just in order to sew up all the things that I want to make!

I have several sets of placemats that I use seasonally.  My Christmas placements have a holiday theme on one side and plain red fabric on the other side, so they last through Valentines.  The fall ones have a Halloween theme on one side and orange fabric on the other side, so they go from the fall through Halloween.  But for much of the year, I don't have any that I have made and use store bought placemats.  Not that there is anything wrong with buying them, but they are looking ratty and I wanted to make some more.

Two yards of fabric makes 4 placements.  One yard is for the front, and one yard is for the back.  You also need 1 yard of lightweight batting. (And material for binding.)

Cut the fabric into 4 rectangles, apx. 14" x 20" (assuming your fabric is 36" x 42").  

Layer one fabric on the bottom, right side facing down, one layer of batting, and one layer of fabric, right side facing up.  Quilt as you like and stitch around the outside edge.  Apply binding. (I zig zagged the edges on one of the new sets, but don't recommend it as an edge finish!)

And voila!  There you have 4 placements that are two sided. 

Here is a set that I made for spring, showing both sides:

And here is a set that I made for summer, showing both sides:

I hope that you like them! 

P.S. Here is why I didn't like the zig zag edging:

I had to steam press them and spray them with starch to get them to lay flat.  Over time, I will have to do that every time they get washed too.  😕

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