Monday, June 8, 2015

Texture in an art quilt

My small quilt group researched and discussed how we might add texture to our art quilts.  If you want to be inspired and share knowledge, find a group and meet with them every week to keep you motivated and productive.  It sure works for me!

So, texture became my cue for this quilt, which is part of my mixed media fiber art nest series.

"Texture" nest quilt by Joanne Adams Roth

Embellishing the background fabric with decorative stitches was my first layer of texture. How many of us barely use our decorative stitches on our fancy machines?  This quilt gave me an excuse to play around with them and use up some of my thread stash (which now is in 5 boxes and a drawer!).  I added another layer of texture by splatter painting the surface with brown paint and a toothbrush.

And of course, the nest itself added the most texture and this is the part that let me play like a kid. This nest was made with yarn, hand dyed fabric, rick-rack, hand dyed ribbon, old book pages, vintage bias binding, goat hair, commercial ribbon and fabrics, and was enhanced with colored pencil.

I hope you enjoy the 3-D feel of this nest!

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