Monday, July 6, 2015

Layered Texture in Art Quilts

While contemplating another nest quilt, I started thinking about hummingbird nests and how they are made.  The birds gather silk threads from spider webs and weave this around fluffy fibers; then finish it all off with a layer of lichen to camouflage the nest.   The trick for this art quilt in my series about nests was to figure out how to accomplish the same layered texture with mixed media fibers.

I knew that the goat hair given to me by a friend was close to the "fluffiness" feeling I wanted to achieve.  I found wool roving (from a vendor at our Clark County Quilters show) and felt that it would be another good source of fluffiness.  When I shredded some cotton batting and added it to the mix, I felt that the texture was just right.  "More is better" is my motto when I add components to the mixed media nests, so I piled on some string, shredded hand dyed fabric, and lichen.  Yes, real lichen that I collected on a hike.

The nest was layered several times, sandwiched between layers of tulle, and then sewed down with silk thread.  

Layered texture nest

My granddaughters helped me pick the background fabric, and agreed that a layer of organza blurred the background and made the hummingbird and its nest "pop".    I hope  you like it!

"Hummingbird" by Joanne Adams Roth

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