Monday, October 19, 2015

Hanging Devices for Art Shows

After I posted my blog about the hanging device for art shows, a good friend of mine shared her process, which is much better than the one I had previously shown.  The difference between hanging quilts in a "quilt show" vs. in an "art show" is that at quilt shows the quilts are hung up with rods, boards, or other hanging devices that slip through a 4" sleeve.  This type of hanging device is supported on either side of the quilt, and the hangers are adjusted to make the quilt hang level.

An art gallery uses picture hooks in the center of the artwork.  Since normal quilt sleeves don't have a gap in the middle, the quilt sleeves have to be modified to accept the picture hook.

My friend, who is a member of quite a few art quilt groups and has coordinated many of their shows, graciously gave me her drawing and showed me a sample of one that she had made.

I didn't care for the staples and picture wire all accross the back, so I modified the picture wire a little bit to only be in the center of the hanging device, left some space between the board and the wire, and twisted and taped it on the reverse side.  My friend had modified her hanger the same way.

I left 1-1/4" in the middle of the sleeves to allow for the hanging wire.

split sleeve with hanging device inserted

side view

top view showing wire

 I hope this helps you get ready for showings in an art gallery too.

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  1. Only you could find lime green tape!!! I wondered what that was! Looks like a great hanging system. Thank you for sharing!--Terry