Monday, November 9, 2015

Landscape Art Quilts continued

After sewing the background pieces together, I decided that waterfall and river needed to get that foamy wild look.  So it was time for surface design fun.

I pulled out some threads, paint, and sheer fabrics and went to work.  White acrylic paint was mixed with fabric medium and then sponged and painted onto the blue areas.  After it dried overnight, I thread sketched with a shiny white rayon thread.  Next I added pieces of white organza and  stitched them down randomly.  Finally I cut and stitched on more white fabric with a cotton white thread.  The falls and river look foamy enough for me.  It's hard to see all of this in pictures but I'll try to show you some close ups .  

foamy falls and river

After I finished the falls and river to my satisfaction, I quilted the rest of the background.  The final step to this landscape was to add the two girls.  They were made with turned edge machine applique, and were enhanced with colored pencils.   The quilt has a faced finish.
"Friends at the Falls" by Joanne Adams Roth

I hope you like the finished landscape!


  1. It turned out really pretty. Great job!

  2. I didn't realize that paint was involved too! The falls look perfectly foamy! Terrific effect!!!--Terry