Monday, January 4, 2016

Summer Breeze Part Two

In my last blog, I showed the start of "Summer Breeze".  Since I added so many layers to this little art quilt, I thought it would be easier to show you some of the steps in a second blog.

I painted the background stems and flowers for the first layer (as shown in the last blog).  I added stems with dyed rick-rack for and fabric for the second layer.  Then I attached the flowers loosely for the final layer.  Here is a close up showing the layers.
Summer Breeze flowers close up
I pulled pink, purple and blue fibers to form the nest.  One of my quilting friends, who owns a long-arm quilting machine save a whole bag of threads for me, which were the main inspiration for this nest.  I actually made two nests; the first one was too shiny, so it got put in the reject pile.  

Fibers for the nest
 I decided that this nest needed some eggs.  A previously painted fabric was just right.  I formed the eggs around a dissolving stabilizer, then added some batting as stuffing.  In these pictures, you can see the eggs front and back, and with the stuffing added as they were attached to the quilt.

For the nest, I laid the selected fibers on the background until I liked the look, and stitched through all the layers with invisible thread.  I purposely left some of the threads hang loose around the edges.  If you see the quilt, please don't try to pick them off to tidy up the quilt!  If you're a quilter, you know what I mean!
Summer Breeze by Joanne Adams Roth

Here is the finished quilt. I hope you like it!

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  1. My favorite parts of this quilt are: the post the next sits on; the "loose" threads about the nests. Those threads really nestle perfectly around those eggs! The dimensional flowers add the perfect balance!