Thursday, March 17, 2016

Podcast Guest

This is a first for me!  I was on a podcast!

Marianne and Mary Fons started a podcast called, "Quilt Your Heart Out".  It is not a quilting show, but an advice show for quilters.  They interview several people each week, have a guest caller, give a shout out to someone, and have a great time.

A couple of weeks ago they called and we chatted about a question I had about what to do with my quilts and documentation, since there isn't a clear person to give this all to upon my passing.  No... I'm not going yet.  It's just that I turned 65 recently and now I'm thinking a little harder about what to do with all my stuff.  I still have 5 bins of quilts, even though I've given many away already.

Their advice is to keep giving them away.  So I think I'll have another bin opening day and give some more to charity.  I do love to give quilts to people that appreciate them and know how much work goes into making them.  So listen here, and let me know if you like their answer.  And let me know if you'd like one of my quilts.

Quilt Your Heart Out Podcast

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  1. Great podcast, Joanne! I would be honored to have one of your quilts. You know I'm not talented in any way when it comes to crafts, and I have always admired your talents tremendously. It would mean so much to me to cherish one of your quilting creations. I tend to stay away from really light background colors because they're so easy to stain, and I absolutely love bold colors. Bright, bold colors make my heart sing when I look at them. So, if you have anything in your treasure chest that seems to fit my preferences, I would be thrilled to own it. Much love, Judy