Monday, November 28, 2016

Charity Quilts

Our quilt guild makes and donates a lot of quilt to charitable organizations.  Some people only make quilts for others in need, and rarely make quilts for themselves.  We are blessed by all of these wonderful women.  We are also blessed with donations of fabric and supplies, and are super lucky to have a person who is willing to store all this in her home and open it up for sewing days.

I participated in one of those sewing days recently and was amazed at how hard all of the women worked for the whole day!  I was also amazed at how large our stash has grown.  So I volunteered to take a big bag of boys' themed fabrics and make some quilt tops at my house.

My granddaughter helped me sort and match up fabrics and we ended up with 8 quilt piles.  There is still more to go, but this will keep me quite busy for a while.

I think there are 8 boys who will like these quilts.  What do you think?

1 comment:

  1. My favorite is the soccer ball fabric although the grands picked the monkey fabric. Kudos to you for taking time to stitch quilts for others in need. I too know a gal who ONLY stitches charity quilts. It is good that there all kinds of quilters out and about in our world!